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Our Team at Work:

At TSN Lighthouse, we have a proven track record and we are proud to show it. We have worked hard to make sure every project we complete is of the highest quality, inevitably resulting in a lot of long term relationships with and other organizations in the construction industry. Every client and completed foundation is a badge of honor for us.

















We keep closing deals, as we deliver the highest quality within time and budget. One of the strongest benefits is a strong long-lasting relationship with the reliable trades, that allows us deliver amazing results right on time. TSN Lighthouse is a proud partner of some of the best GTA businessmen and contractors that keep choosing our experts to work on creating better foundations for their complex foundation projects.

















We are able to deliver the highest quality, because we know, what we are doing. We have been involved in complex foundation related projects for years. Our team has expertise in laying down foundations that can support complex residential structures. We allow designers and builders to work more creatively, providing possible options and alternatives, in order to make customer's dreams come true.












Our work has already supported buildings which have been standing perfectly for years. We have already provided foundations to the houses that will outlast us, helping develop the Greater Toronto Area with bigger and grander projects. Each and every project we have completed is a testament to the quality of our work. We are proud to have laid the foundations and worked throughout the implementation process to provide the base needed while staying within budget estimates. 

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